At the beach………kinda

When you think of the beach you think sand, waves, fresh seafood, sun, and total relaxation………well, this is a different kind of beach – one that involves fresh seafood, but not much of the rest of it.  My mom wanted to go back on South Beach Diet to help trim down a bit, and since it’s very similar to how I should  be eating post-surgery anyway I am joining her in finding awesome Phase 1 dishes to make for lunches and dinners.  I have to say…we have been rocking it!

The first thing we did was roast up a whole turkey breast with a ton of herbs and some olive oil and broth.  turkey breastThis gets to sit in our fridge taking up a ton of space, but providing non-deli meat to slice off for lunches every day.  It is SOOOOOOOOOO flavorful, especially compared to the rather watery and flavorless “turkey” you get from a plastic tub in the grocery store.  We have cubed it and mixed with Greek salad and eaten slices hot with, well, more Greek salad.  Ok, we weren’t too creative with it yet, but we have more ideas!!  Like – making it into a shepherd’s pie with a mashed cauliflower crust, or mixing with veggies for a turkey hash, or……………….well, that’s all we’ve got so far.  Any ideas?

The other thing we made that was terrific were Asian style wild salmon patties, and sweet and spicy roasted brussel sprouts.  Wow!  20160120_182939-1.jpg

So here’s the thing – whenever I make salmon patties I usually use canned or smoked salmon, mashed sweet potato, and oats as a binder.  But all of those extra things are NOT SBP1 approved, so we found another recipe and I apprehensively agreed to give it a try.  These new style (for me) patties were from Kalyn’s Kitchen, which has a ton of great South Beach recipes for all phases.  I am including the link to the recipe here because honestly, we didn’t change hardly anything about it so I don’t want to break it all down here as if I was some sort of salmon guru!  The only changes we made were making the sauce of half mayo/half greek yogurt, and adding some diced jalapeno to kick up the spice a bit.  Other than that, make as directed and let your mouth rejoice!

Asian Flavored Wild Salmon Patties Recipe

We also used a recipe from The Baker Mama for the brussel sprouts, which we prepared exactly as written.  Yes, I know maple syrup isn’t SBP1, but it was a tiny amount and we aren’t being pedantic about this whole process so as to maintain our mutual sanity.  These were just incredible!  Spicy from the sriracha, a little sweet and  caramelized from a long hot roast, and totally snackable.  We will definitely be using this recipe as a base for other flavored roast veggies in the future.  Same deal as before – not taking guru credit for this, so go to the recipe and join in the love-fest.

Crispy Asian Brussel Sprouts Recipe

Here is the magical thing about these salmon patties – they are even better the next day!  I find things like this tend to do better when they have overnight in the fridge for the flavors to really join in beautiful matrimony.  This was absolutely the case for Kalyn’s salmon goodness – overnight it became salmon greatness.  We got 4 patties out of our approximately 10 oz salmon filet last night, and 1 each was more than enough which means *drumroll please* LEFTOVERS!
2016-01-21 21.16.14Tonight dinner was a quickie salad of baby greens, tomato, cucumber, olives, parmesan, and vidalia onion vinaigrette.  Topped by that chilled salmon patty and another good dollop of sauce, and that’s all she wrote…yum, yum, delicious, quick, beachy, ding ding ding.  Ok, I admit, my eyes are bigger than my Baby Tummy and I only ended up being able to eat about half this plate of salad, but the rest is going into a tupperware and I will squeak one more meal out of this for lunch tomorrow.  Plus, since it’s cold, the people at work can’t hate me for having fish for lunch because I won’t have to microwave it………you’re welcome, people!

The one thing both mom and I are missing is having our glass of wine in the evenings…we will add this back in (within reason) once she moves into Phase 2, but for now we are trying to break the habit together of automatically having a drink before dinner.  This will not last over the weekend, because we aren’t robots, but for now we are staying as on track as we can – and with food this good, it ain’t hard!

Last picture of the evening is of my face – I wanted to get my hair cut because it was getting really long and a bit out of shape.  I took a picture of a chin length layered bob and asked for that………………………….this is what I got instead2016-01-21 21.07.03

Ok, so I have calmed down enough to realize that the cut itself isn’t quite as catastrophic as my initial (hysterically sobbing) drive home led me to believe.  But do you look at this picture and say “chin length layered bob”?  NO!  YOU DON’T!!  The worst part is, I was just recently cast in a show set in the 1920’s and it is totally inappropriate to get a dramatic hair cut without the director’s approval.  I just have to hope that it grows out enough over the next 2 1/2 months to look appropriately period vampy….and also never go back to that hair salon.  I will comfort myself with salmon.salmon

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